Combined Railroad Crossing Elimination (RCE) and Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) Grants Program

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Grant Summary

The RCE/CRISI Grant Application Bootcamp will be a combined offering for both grant opportunities.

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U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)


Passenger Safety, Improved Freight Transportation

Eligible Applicants:

Local governments, or a group of local governments, states, a group of states, and federally recognized Indian Tribes are eligible for both programs. Additional eligibility varies by grant program.

Total IIJA Funding:

$3 billion (RCE) and $5 billion (CRISI)


The RCE/CRISI programs fund improvements to rail infrastructure. Both programs support highway-rail or pathway-rail grade crossing improvement projects, promoting safety and mobility for people and goods. Communities can use grant funding for track relocation; improve or install protective devices, signals, or signs; improve safety; and conduct environmental audits of eligible projects. Specific activities vary by grant program.

FY2024 Grant Funding:

TBD. For reference, $573M in RCE funding and $1.425B in CRISI funding was available in FY22.

Match Requirements:

Based on the FY22 NOFOs (RCE; CRISI), the expected match requirement for each program is 20%.

Key Dates:

The FY23 and FY24 NOFOs have not yet been released. For reference, the FY22 RCE NOFO opened on July 6, 2022 and closed on October 7, 2022. The FY22 CRISI NOFO opened on September 5, 2022, and closed on December 1, 2022.

Key Funding Criteria:

Based on the FY22 NOFOs (RCE; CRISI), applicants will be evaluated based on the project’s impact on safety, equity, and sustainability. Additional information will be  released in the FY23 NOFO.

Opportunities for Climate and Racial Wealth Equity:

Based on the FY22 NOFOs (RCE; CRISI), the Federal Rail Association (FRA) seeks to fund projects that address environmental justice, particularly for communities that disproportionately experience climate change-related consequences. In addition, the FRA aims to proactively address racial equity and barriers to opportunity, including automobile dependence.

Eligible Activities:

Based on the FY22 NOFO, eligible activities under the RCE program include grade separation, track relocation, the improvement or installation of protective devices, additional safety enhancements, and planning and design activities.

Based on the FY22 NOFO, The CRISI program includes five program tracks, each with different eligible activities:

  1. Systems Planning (includes eligible rail planning projects)
  2. Project Development
  3. Final Design (FD)/Construction
  4. Research, Safety Programs and Institutes (non-railroad infrastructure)
  5. Deployment of Magnetic Levitation Transportation Projects