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 Thank you for your interest in the Local Infrastructure Hub grant application bootcamp! You came to the right place if you:

  • Work for a local municipal government;
  • Your municipality has fewer than 150,000 residents;
  • You are interested in applying to federal funding opportunities to improve your city’s infrastructure!

Before you begin, please take a moment to review the program overview page and FAQs to confirm you meet eligibility requirements. The person who will serve as the primary point of contact/grant lead from your city government should complete this form. Please refer to the program overview and FAQ page for reference as you fill out the form, and if more specific questions come up, or reach out to us at

This form aims to understand your interest in the next phase of technical assistance provided by the Hub, during which we will support city applications for upcoming Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) programs. There will be additional technical assistance opportunities in the future for new grants as they are announced by the federal government.  

Please note that registration for funding programs is on a first-come, first-served basis.