Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART)

Winning Applications

Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART)

Winning Applications

The first round of SMART grants awarded more than $94 million to 59 projects in urban and rural communities across the country to conduct demonstration projects focused on advanced smart cities and technologies that will improve transportation efficiency and safety. View all of the 2022 SMART awardees.

Here are examples of winning applications:

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, OH received a $1.8 million planning grant to design and pilot a traffic signal system to address safety issues, as well as improve emergency response times.This project will include testing technology and analyzing data from up to 25 intersections located in historically disadvantaged neighborhoods. The proposal prioritizes community engagement and partnerships with local advocacy groups like the Bike Cleveland and Clevelanders for PublicTransit. View the winning application | View the case study here

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins, CO received $1.06 million for a demonstration project to pilot “managed charging software” for the city’s fleet of electric vehicles (EVs). This software will leverage technology to manage the fleet’s impact on the grid – for example, by promoting off-peak charging – with the goal of improving efficiency and reducing costs. The project will include a study of the software’s impact on ratepayers and will also develop a standards framework for the city’s EV fleet. View the winning application | View the case study here

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA received a $2 million planning grant to create a digital inventory of physical curb lane assets (i.e single space parking meters, multi-space pay stations, street signs, etc.) in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) to address safety and environmental issues caused by uncertain curb availability that exacerbates driver confusion and congestion. This project will include creating digital maps of curb regulations and capturing data on how curbs are utilized. View the winning application

Philadelphia, PA

The city of Philadelphia received $2 million to implement advanced traffic sensors, smart traffic cameras, and upgrade signal technology. The city will be able to collect anonymous data on travel times, travel patterns, and routing to improve safety and traffic flow, while reducing congestion. View the winning application

Phoenix, AZ

The city of Phoenix received nearly $2 million to implement  “passive detection” technology for pedestrian, bicycle, and motorist travel optimization, and for vehicles traffic optimization throughout a portion of the Grand Canal in central Phoenix. The goal is to upgrade the high intensity activated crosswalks (HAWKs) in the area with passive detection to improve traveler safety and provide equitable access to mobility, as well as installing advanced video detection cameras to collect traffic videos, run appropriate algorithms and analyses to optimize traffic signal operations and provide detailed traffic signal performance measures such as red-light running events, speed data, and real-time alerts. View the winning application

San Jose, CA

San Jose received nearly $2 million in planning grant funds to collect data to monitor curb uses, reallocate curb spaces, and provide real-time curb use information to transform the city’s limited curb space to be more flexible, dynamic, and responsive to users. The real-time data will help cyclists and motorists  efficiently navigate the streets and reduce idling or double parking, which will promote safer streets and lower GHG emissions. Additionally, the project focuses on workforce development through a project labor agreement with local hiring preferences. View the winning application

Seattle, WA

The city of Seattle received nearly $2 million to study  road safety and technology challenges in a historically disadvantaged community, as well as evaluate smart traffic signals and other innovative technologies designed to improve safety. View the winning application