Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling

Winning Applications

Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling

Winning Applications

Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling (SWIFR) grants are a new program created by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) to improve recycling and other post-consumer materials management, implement circular economy strategies, and improve local waste management systems. The BIL provides $275 million for Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling grants to support Building a Better America, allocated as $55 million per year from FY2022 to FY2026.  

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Here are examples of winning applications:

Austin, TX

The city of Austin received $4 million to open a new warehouse to accept, reuse, and redistributed used furniture and building materials to nonprofits organizations in the city, particularly those assisting people transitioning out of homelessness. The warehouse will also have an “innovation lab” space built in that will provide workforce development and training in how to upcycle used furniture for resale. View the winning application

Baltimore, MD

The city of Baltimore received $4 million to develop a composting facility co-located within the East Side Transfer Station, which the city is redeveloping as part of a larger project. With compostable materials accounting for 40% of the city’s residential solid waste, the facility will provide a needed resource for diversion of organic waste and fits within the community’s equity-centered Fair Development Plan for Zero Waste. In addition, the facility itself will be solar-powered, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions. View the winning application

New Orleans, LA

The city of New Orleans received nearly $4 million to expand curbside to nearly 75,000 new households. The funds will also be used to develop a 10-year plan for reducing solid waste, including through recycling, composting, and additional infrastructure to better serve commercial locations and multifamily housing. View the winning application

Seattle, WA

The city of Seattle received $4 million to secure a warehouse space and purchase tools and equipment for a new salvage lumber center which will store, organize, and distribute wood from the local construction industry. The warehouse will contribute to the circular economy by recovering wood from residential deconstruction projects, resulting in 150 tons of wood processed annually. View the winning application