Investing in Resilient Communities

Join federal policy experts, Mayors, and leaders in the field to discuss the best practices for building resilient infrastructure in the face of climate change and extreme weather events.

How Digital Twins Can Help Cities Build Resilience

Participants will hear from Austin city leaders about how these solutions are helping model smoke clouds from building and wildfires, and optimize workflows and layouts inside a new emergency operations center, and how the city structures its partnership with university-based researchers.

Communicating Your City’s Infrastructure Vision to Residents

Promoting the Impact of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law: Join mayors, communications experts, and leaders in infrastructure to discuss advancements made possible by BIL and insights on how to share infrastructure successes with your residents.

Grant Application Strategies for Capacity Constrained Communities

Join us to hear about key insights from DOT Capacity Builder Program leaders on the challenges and opportunities that exist for small communities in both securing and implementing BIL and IRA competitive grant funds. Also learn from small communities that have achieved outsized success as they share their stories and lessons learned.

Cybersecurity for Cities: A Bootstrapping Guide

City governments face a growing array of threats from cyberattacks targeting city-owned and operated information systems. But even more worrisome, as cities shift to cloud-based IT solutions for everyday tools and integrate “smart” capabilities into IIJA-funded infrastructure systems, software supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. Critical information systems used by cities often depend on integrations with third-party components and services whose risks are poorly understood.

IRA: Putting Direct Pay into Action

Join federal speakers, city leaders, and policy experts as they share key insights and lessons learned about BIL grant opportunities and topics.

Gearing up for Climate Pollution Reduction Grants

The Climate Pollution Reduction Grants (CPRG) program provides $5 billion in grants to develop and implement ambitious plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful air pollution. While implementation grant applications are not due until April 2024, cities must take action well before that deadline. Join us to hear key insights from federal officials and policy experts.

Faster, Safer, Smarter, Fairer: Evaluating key tech for transportation projects

With more than $60m in annual funding under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Federal Highway Administration’s Advanced Transportation Technology and Innovation (ATTAIN) program is taking on the challenge of delivering safer and more efficient transportation to areas of persistent poverty—not only on highways but transit systems, too. This session will explore how cities can take […]

Planning Safe Streets for All

This webinar will feature mayors from cities that won Safe Streets for All demonstration grants to encourage additional cities to apply for demonstration grants in the upcoming funding announcement. City leaders will discuss their plans preventing roadway fatalities and reducing the rate of serious injuries for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.