Fair Paths to EV Charging

The infrastructure of motorization cleaved deep divides in the American landscape. As cities think about EV charging projects, they need to understand what kinds of infrastructure investments will create fairer outcomes.

Transformative Technologies for Transportation Resilience

Climate change is increasing risks for urban surface transportation across the country. These challenges make it harder and costlier for cities to achieve their mobility goals. This webinar will explore how cities can take advantage of $1.4 billion in competitive grants anticipated through US DOT's Promoting Resilient Operations for Transformative, Efficient, and Cost-saving Transportation (PROTECT) […]

Electric Buses: Lessons from Early Adopters

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act expanded federal funding for low or no emission buses more than six-fold to some $1.6 billion. This historic investment will provide assistance for 150 bus fleets and facilities to reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. This session will provide an inside look at U.S. cities' experiences with electric […]

Innovative Solutions for Safe Streets

Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A), a new program established by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, provides more than $5 billion in new federal funding for planning and implementation of strategies to prevent roadway deaths and serious injuries. U.S. DOT announced awards for implementation grants from the program’s first round. How do technology innovations fit […]

Tech and Innovation Center Series

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act provides more than $65 billion for broadband infrastructure. The bulk of these funds will be administered by state governments. With states finalizing Five-Year Action Plans for federal review, cities are preparing for these new opportunities to expand access to reliable, affordable, high-speed internet service. This session will provide a […]

Digitizing the Last Mile: How SMART Grant Winners Are Modernizing Urban Freight Management

The first of two Technology + Innovation Center webinars highlighting technology and innovation awards made through US DOT’s 2022 SMART Grants Program, this webinar will explore the solutions for urban freight management in U.S. cities. The pandemic dramatically accelerated the growth of goods moving on city streets as people shifted to online shopping. These freight […]

Coding the Curb: Winning Solutions from the 2022 SMART Grant Program

Curbs are one of the most important, yet undervalued asset in the urban public realm. As cities confront new patterns of activity, new demands on the public right of way, and fiscal and environmental challenges, curbs are a critical platform for driving change. The second of two Technology + Innovation Center webinars highlighting awards from […]

Rebooting Your Energy Code

This session focuses on current and future funding opportunities from the U.S. DOE, aimed at helping cities update their building codes.

How Digital Twins Can Help Cities Build Resilience

Participants will hear from Austin city leaders about how these solutions are helping model smoke clouds from building and wildfires, and optimize workflows and layouts inside a new emergency operations center, and how the city structures its partnership with university-based researchers.

Cybersecurity for Cities: A Bootstrapping Guide

City governments face a growing array of threats from cyberattacks targeting city-owned and operated information systems. But even more worrisome, as cities shift to cloud-based IT solutions for everyday tools and integrate “smart” capabilities into IIJA-funded infrastructure systems, software supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. Critical information systems used by cities often depend on integrations with third-party components and services whose risks are poorly understood.