The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) includes a provision that provides non-taxable entities investing in clean energy with an elective payment option instead of tax credits. Local leaders can utilize elective pay as an option for developing clean energy projects. Projects may include clean energy generation, battery storage, community solar projects, electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, and/or purchasing clean vehicles for fleets. Download the grant summary here.

Bootcamp Structure


Peer Learning Sessions (Webinars): Interactive sessions featuring Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on the policy and grant approach, followed by smaller sessions for peer discussions

Coaching Sessions: Smaller sessions that continue to build on specific application questions identified in the peer learning session

Office Hours (Consultant Meetings): Support in the form of designated time slots with our SMEs and your team to address specific questions about your grant application


Navigator Team: Our Navigator team is available to help answer the following kinds of questions:

  • Bootcamp timelines
  • Bootcamp schedules
  • Participation expectations

Our Navigator for this grant is Prashansa Atreay. She can be reached at

Prepare for Success

Download the full outline of the bootcamp schedule, goals, and key steps to ensure you are ready to attend the following courses and successfully prepare and submit your grant application.

Modules and Resources

Module 1

Orientation and Program Overview

Cities will receive an overview of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Elective Pay process, including IRS registration and timelines.

View the Module 1 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 1 Slide Deck

Module 2

Understanding IRA Incentives Pt. 1: Clean Vehicles and Manufacturing

Cities will be provided with an overview of the IRA Elective Pay eligible tax credits, exploring tax provisions for vehicles and manufacturing projects.


View the Module 2 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 2 Slide Deck

Module 3

Understanding IRA Incentives Pt. 2: Clean Energy & Fuels

Cities will deepen their understanding of IRA Elective Pay eligible tax credits, continuing with tax provisions for eligible clean energy and fuels projects.

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Download the Module 3 Slide Deck

Module 4

Understanding IRA Incentives Pt. 3: Bonus Credits

Cities will dig into workforce development, domestic content, disadvantaged community and low-income community bonus credits.

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Module 5

Elective Pay & Municipal Operations Pt. 1

Cities will learn about setting up internal stakeholders through case studies and lessons learned from city government.

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Module 6

Elective Pay & Municipal Operations Pt. 2

Cities will explore the economics of clean energy projects, while leveraging other federal funds.

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Module 7

Maximizing Community Benefits

Cities will learn how to develop community benefits agreements (CBAs) and how to approach and work with community partners.

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Additional Resources

Community Engagement Workbook
The Rise and Fall of ‘Community Benefits Agreements’ in NYC
Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool
Elective Pay and Transferability

Module 8

Packaging Your Project

Cities will assess their feasibility of potential Elective Pay projects and develop plans for implementation.

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Download the Module 8 Slide Deck

Bootcamp Calendar