The Broadband Opportunities bootcamp introduces cities to the entire ecosystem of federal broadband opportunities, as well as ways cities can engage with the private sector and serve as promoters of household programs. Cities will learn about broadband in their community, identify future opportunities, and do a deep dive into available federal programs, particularly the newBroadband Equity, Access, & Development Program (BEAD), which helps fund opportunities for communities looking to expand high-speed internet access through broadband planning, deployment, mapping, equity, and adoption projects and activities. Download the grant summary.

Bootcamp Structure


Peer Learning Sessions (Webinars): Interactive sessions featuring Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on the policy and grant approach, followed by smaller sessions for peer discussions

Coaching Sessions: Smaller sessions that continue to build on specific application questions identified in the peer learning session

Office Hours (Consultant Meetings): Support in the form of designated time slots with our SMEs and your team to address specific questions about your grant application


Navigator Team: Our Navigator team is available to help answer the following kinds of questions:

  • Bootcamp timelines
  • Bootcamp schedules
  • Participation expectations

Our Navigator for this grant is Prashansa Atreay. She can be reached at

Prepare for Success

Download the full outline of the bootcamp schedule, goals, and key steps to ensure you are ready to attend the following courses and successfully prepare and submit your grant application.

Modules and Resources

Module 1

Orientation and Grant Overview

Cities will be oriented to the funding program.

View the Module 1 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 1 Slide Deck

Module 2

Broadband Opportunities for Cities

Cities learn about broadband programs available to them and the processes for applying as well as best practices for engaging with states on broadband planning and deployment.

View the Module 2 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 2 Slide Deck

Module 3

Incorporating Data

Cities will access and utilize a data platform providing local statistics on issues ranging from health and housing to local economy and environmental issues, as well as other focused variables relevant to their grant application. This module also includes training on conducting equity analysis and developing a strong, data-driven narrative to complement grant applications.


View the Module 3 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 3 Slide Deck

Additional Resources

Federal Grant Navigation Equity Dashboard
Building a Community Narrative Worksheet
NTIA Asset Mapping Guide
Subgrantee Selection Primer
FCC National Broadband Map
NTIA BEAD Challenge Process Policy
Federal Funding Account Application Resources
National Broadband Resource Hub Library

Module 4

Understanding Broadband in the Community

Cities will also be able to incorporate climate, equity, and training and workforce development into their grant applications and demonstrate that they are willing to raise their ambitions in these priority areas.

View the Module 4 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 4 Slide Deck

Additional Resources

Best Practices for Community Engagement - Presentation
Community Engagement Equity Lens Tool

Module 5

Engaging the Private Sector

Cities learn about opportunities and best practices for engaging ISPs and other private utilities to advance broadband deployment in their communities.

View the Module 5 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 5 Slide Deck

Additional Resources

Engaging the Private Sector

Module 6

Promoting Broadband Access

Cities learn about ways to promote broadband uptake in their communities, including home access subsidy programs and digital literacy.

View the Module 6 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 6 Slide Deck

Module 7

BEAD Challenge Process

Cities learn about the BEAD challenge process that each state and territory will develop to determine an applicant’s eligibility for funding.

View the Module 7 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 7 Slide Deck

Module 8

Success Stories and Q&A

Cities learn about projects that have implemented exemplary broadband programs in their communities and have an opportunity to participate in a Q&A to understand the next steps in broadband deployment, including relevant upcoming opportunities for grant funding or state engagement.

View the Module 8 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 8 Slide Deck

Bootcamp Calendar