BIP works alongside all levels of government to meet community infrastructure needs with a focus on reducing the number of existing bridges in poor condition or in fair condition and at risk. This funding marks an unprecedented focus on bridge infrastructure, which is vital for connecting residents and local communities. The Bridge Investment Program was established to (1) improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the movementof people and freight over bridges; (2) improve the condition of bridges in the United States by reducing the numberof bridges in poor or unsafe condition; (3) provide financial assistance that leverages and encourages non-Federalcontributions from sponsors and stakeholders involved in the planning, design, and construction of eligible projects. Download the grant summary.

Bootcamp Structure


Peer Learning Sessions (Webinars): Interactive sessions featuring Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on the policy and grant approach, followed by smaller sessions for peer discussions

Coaching Sessions: Smaller sessions that continue to build on specific application questions identified in the peer learning session

Office Hours (Consultant Meetings): Support in the form of designated time slots with our SMEs and your team to address specific questions about your grant application


Navigator Team: Our Navigator team is available to help answer the following kinds of questions:

  • Bootcamp timelines
  • Bootcamp schedules
  • Participation expectations

Our Navigator for this grant is Whitney Young. She can be reached at

Prepare for Success

Download a full outline of the bootcamp schedule, goals, and key steps to ensure you are ready to attend the following courses and successfully prepare and submit your grant application.

Modules and Resources

Module 1

Orientation and Grant Overview

Cities will be oriented to the funding program.

View the Module 1 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 1 Slide Deck

Module 2

Federal Administration Priorities

Cities will be able to incorporate climate, equity, and training and workforce development into their grant applications and demonstrate that they are willing to raise their ambitions in these priority areas.


View the Module 2 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 2 Slide Deck

Module 3

Incorporating Data

Cities will access and utilize a data platform providing local statistics on issues ranging from health and housing to local economy and environmental issues, as well as other focused variables relevant to their grant application. This module also includes training on conducting equity analysis and developing a strong, data-driven narrative to complement grant applications.

View the Module 3 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 3 Slide Deck

Additional Resources

Federal Grant Navigation Equity Dashboard
Building a Community Narrative Worksheet
State Departments of Transportation
Bureau of Labor Statistics Economy At A Glance
US Census County Business Patterns
2022 BIP Grant Application Templates

Module 4

Engaging the Community

Cities will be able to draft Community Engagement and Advocacy Strategies and understand the audience for advocacy and project strategies.

View the Module 4 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 4 Slide Deck

Module 5

Demystifying Capital Sources, Budget, and Service Contracts

Cities focus on the fundamentals of capital sources, budget, and service contracts and develop a draft project budget with matching sources and potential new sources of funding.

View the Module 5 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 5 Slide Deck

Additional Resources

SF-424 budget tool

Module 6

Telling Your Story

Cities learn the best practices to produce a compelling grant narrative and package their full grant application.


View the Module 6 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 6 Slide Deck

Module 7

Post-Submission Long-Term Capacity-Building

Once the applications have been submitted, cities develop plans to successfully administer the grant including how best to (re)organize local institutional processes.

View the Module 7 Peer Learning Session
Download the Module 7 Slide Deck

Bootcamp Calendar